Travel Teams 2016-17

Here is the list of the names that are going to be on a travel team for the 2016-17 season. 

All players listed below are required to attend the final day of tryouts on Sunday, Oct 2 for each grade.  

4th Grade: 8:30-9:00 check-in; 9:00-10:00 tryouts

5th Grade: 10:15-10:45 check-in; 10:45-11:45 tryouts

6th Grade: 12:00-12:30 check-in; 12:30-1:30 tryouts

7th Grade: 1:45-2:15 check-in; 2:15-3:15 tryouts

8th Grade: 3:30-4:00 check-in; 4:00-5:00 tryouts


Anderson, Erik 4th
Anderson, James 4th
Beckering, Brayden 4th
Casey, Luke 4th
Causton, Matthew 4th
Cole, Braden 4th
Danke, Jack 4th
Fernberger, Zach 4th
Friederichs, Ian 4th
Hanley, Benjamin 4th
Hazekamp, Isaiah 4th
Heitkamp, Michael 4th
Hofer, Mark 4th
Holje, Jacob 4th
Johnson, Christian 4th
Kukla, Max 4th
Lando, Champ 4th
Lorenson, Max 4th
Max, Colton 4th
Muhlbauer, Gavin 4th
Mulvaney, Ahmad 4th
Remus, Jackson 4th
Rhody, Will 4th
Roberts, Makelo 4th
Rotsch, Owen 4th
Schulze, Vincent 4th
Soderberg, Jake 4th
Stanton, Landon 4th
Stern, Cole 4th
Taylor, Mikai 4th
Tollefson, Isaac 4th
Torrey, Hunter 4th
Venkatesh, Narain 4th
Weiler, Jackson 4th
Burns, Ben 5th
Callahan, Ian 5th
Comito, Maddox 5th
Crimmins, Luke 5th
Davies, William 5th
Dixon, Talen 5th
Fahning, Parker 5th
Goetze, Joey 5th
Happe, Sean 5th
Hedlund, Hawken 5th
Hemmesch, Zander 5th
Holtz, Ryan 5th
Hunt, Nathan 5th
Jacobsen, Jack 5th
Kalayci, Bora 5th
Kelly, Joshua 5th
Kuhn, Aidan 5th
Kuhn, Dillon 5th
Longie, Hudson 5th
McGee, Max 5th
McGuire, Aidan 5th
Meadows, Connor 5th
Meadows, Keegan 5th
Miller, Hayden 5th
Nduulu, Tyler 5th
Peta, Zachary 5th
Peterson, Owen 5th
Peterson, Shaun 5th
Scallon, Jack 5th
Sims, Ethan 5th
Tlusty, Benjamin 5th
von Ruden-Doll, Jonas 5th
Wiegert, Max 5th
Wolf, Aiden 5th
Arneson, Carter 6th
Bakken, Nolan 6th
Balon, Kody 6th
Batchelor, Christian 6th
Beck, Landon 6th
Berger, Adam 6th
Berry, Carson 6th
Brattebo, Benon 6th
Brown, Luke 6th
Cole, Carter 6th
Cole, Connor 6th
Davies, Nathan 6th
DeJung, Jason 6th
Dervin, Kaden 6th
Flom, Joey 6th
Frost, Michael 6th
Gaarhaye, Magan 6th
Gross, Michael 6th
Heckman, Nick 6th
Heine, Nathan 6th
Hjelle, Luke 6th
Holje, Matthew 6th
Hunter, Jackson 6th
Hutchison, Cade 6th
Jordan, Devin 6th
Koskinen, Xavier 6th
Kotok, Bennett 6th
Lippincott, Tommy 6th
McCartan, Colin 6th
Mehra, Darian 6th
Mertens, Adam 6th
Obiazor, Chiddi 6th
Oborn, Eliot 6th
Persson, Sam 6th
Rapp, Luke 6th
Redmond, Patrick 6th
Reidy, Will 6th
Rogalski, Mark 6th
Schrieber, Will 6th
Stewart, Corey 6th
Strezo, Ben 6th
Taylor, Jermell 6th
Zach, Joey 6th
Anderson, Brock 7th
Anderson, Sam 7th
Baynes, Brady 7th
Bojang, Ansu 7th
Burns, Joe 7th
Cornelius, Andrew 7th
Edwards, Luke 7th
Ekness, Noah 7th
Fenske, Tommy 7th
Frisch, Bradley 7th
Frischmon, Danny 7th
Gaarhaye, Dalal 7th
Goetze, Griffin 7th
Haeger, Noah 7th
Hofer, Tommy 7th
Hopkins, Greg 7th
Kelley, Matthew 7th
Larson, Bennett 7th
Monk, Samuel 7th
Nordquist, Briggs 7th
Oborn, Kyertin 7th
Plourde, Owen 7th
Rector, Kaiden 7th
Riggins-Brown, Devon 7th
Rosa, Chris 7th
Smith, Miles 7th
Stukenborg, Augie 7th
Thielen, Jackson 7th
Warren, Ryan 7th
Weinberger, Asher 7th
Weisshaar, Ethan 7th
Whitley, Connor 7th
Widdifield, Jack 7th
Young, Riley 7th
Brau, Tyler 8th
Brown, Ian 8th
Bui, Tyler 8th
Carlson, Mason 8th
Carlson, Trent 8th
Causton, Shane 8th
DeZiel, Matthew 8th
Dolan, Peter 8th
Falinke, Manny 8th
Foster, Will 8th
Fuerstenberg, Luke 8th
Goetze, Will 8th
Grant, Matthew 8th
Hartman, Isaac 8th
Henry, Sam 8th
Hexum, Grant 8th
Jones II, Trent 8th
King, Hayden 8th
Kotok, Simon 8th
Kramer, Cade 8th
Lane, Braden 8th
Lang, Anton 8th
Long, Henry 8th
Mendyke, Tommy 8th
Mikota, Will 8th
Parker, Nick 8th
Peterson, Leif 8th
Puetz, Josh 8th
Pulrang, Jack 8th
Rapp, Max 8th
Santulli, Danny 8th
Scheel, Forrest 8th
Strezo, Luke 8th
Unger, Alec 8th

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Registration for the 2016-17 Season

EPBBA (Eden Prairie Boys Basketball Association) 2016-17 Registration Information

Dates:  Regular Registration is CLOSED

Late Registration will be open Friday Oct 7 @ 8:00am and close Friday Oct 7 @ 8:00pm PLEASE NOTE:  limited spots will be available in each grade level.  A $40 Late fee will be added to the base registration fee.

Who:  All boys in Grades K-12 that either live in Eden Prairie or attend a school in Eden Prairie who want to play either In-House Basketball in Grades K-12 or Travel Basketball in Grades 4-8

How:  On-line registration @ and click on “Register Now” on the left hand side.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  If your son has previously registered on-line:
    •  DO NOT create another profile in the system.  If you do not remember your password, enter your email address and hit submit (leave password field blank) and your password will be emailed to you.  You are prompted for email and password once you start to register on-line.
    • If you are not sure what email address you entered into the system, send an email with your first name, last name, & email address to:

Fees: (base registration fee only)

  • All fee’s and Grade specific program information can be found on the web site at and click on the Grade at the top of the page.
  • Travel Basketball Grades 4-8 - If your son is interested in trying out for a travel basketball team, you only need to complete the on-line registration and pay the base fee. There is no advance registration for travel basketball tryouts. Simply arrive at the grade specific date and time for the travel basketball tryouts. More information regarding the travel program including tryout dates can be found at by clicking on the 2016-17 Travel Team Information under the Travel Grades 4-8 section.

Payment Types Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, or eCheck (key in your bank routing and account number)

Refunds: Email refund requests to  All refund requests must be received by Midnight Thursday September 22, 2016


Scholarship Information - CLICK HERE

Travel Grades 4-8 information - CLICK HERE

Trying out for EPHS Grades 9-12 Teams - CLICK HERE

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Eagles Shooting Stars

Eagles Shooting Stars Club
The EPBBA is proud to announce our off-season program designed to help boys develop their skills while having fun …… it’s the Eagles Shooting Stars Club!
The Club is open to both Travel and In-House players in our Association. You gain membership by attaining the following goal during the period of May 1- October 1:
Grades K-2                                2,500 MADE baskets
Grades 3-5                                5,000 MADE baskets
Grades 6-12                             10,000 MADE baskets
Achieve the goal and you’ll receive a special Eagles Shooting Stars Club T-shirt!
Registering to participate is easy. Simply click on Register Online to register.
Remember--- you’re only counting baskets you m

by: Doug Steen

EPBBA 2016-17 Season - Important Dates

EPBBA 2016-17 Season - important dates


Date   Who Event Location
Jan 15 - Jun 10, 2016 Mon-Wed Grades K-9 Summer Camps On-line Registration on-line
Jun 27-30, 2016 Mon-Fri Grades K-9 Summer Camps EPHS Activity Center
August 1, 2016 Mon  ALL EPBBA Annual Golf Fundraier Bear Path Golf & Country Club
Sep 1 - 8 am Tue Grades K-12 On-line Registration OPENS On-line
Sep 22 - 8 pm Thu Grades K-12 On-line Registration CLOSES CLOSED
Sep 23 - 7 pm Fri Grades K-12 # of teams & players per team finalized for all grades. Uniforms are ordered. Court time is reserved. EPBBA
Sep 24 & 25 Sat/Sun Grades 4-8 Travel 1st 2 days of Travel 4-8 Tryouts EPHS Main Gym
Oct 2 Sun Grades 4-8 Travel Final day of Travel 4-8 Tryouts EPHS Main Gym
Oct 7 -8 am Wed Grades K-12 Late registration OPENS. $40 additional late fee added to the base registration fee. Please note: some grades may be at capacity and have no slots available and other grades may only have a limited number of open slots. On-line
Oct 14 - 8 pm Wed Grades K-12 Late registration CLOSES CLOSED
Oct 30 Sun Grades K-3 Grades K-3 - 1st Fall Clinic EPHS Activity Center
Nov 2 - 5pm-9pm Mon Grades 4-8 Travel Travel Teams Pictures AC Lobby
Nov 3 - 5pm-9pm Tue Grades 4-8 Travel Travel Teams Pictures AC Lobby
Nov 5 Sat  Grades 3-8 In House Evaluations EPHS Activity Center
Nov 13 Sun Grades K-3 Grades K-3 - 2nd Fall Clinic EPHS Activity Center
Nov 14   Grades 1-8 First Practices various gyms
Nov 20 Sun Grades K-3 Grades K-3 - Last Fall Clinic EPHS Activity Center
Nov 22 Tue Grades 9-10 9th & 10th grade evaluations EPHS Activity Center
Nov 23   Grades 11-12 11th & 12th grade evaluations EPHS Activity Center
Dec 1-2        
Dec 2-4 Fri-Sun Grades 4-8 Travel EPPBA Hosts Travel Tournament EPHS Activity Center
Dec 3 Sat Grades K-8 Games start various gyms
Dec 6 Tue Grades 9-12 In House 1st practice EPHS Activity Center
Dec 11   Grades 9-12 In House Games start EPHS Activity Center
Dec 21, 2016 - Jan 2, 2017 Mon-Sat Grade K-12 Winter Break. No games or practices scheduled EPHS Activity Center
Feb 14, 2017 Tue Grades 9-12 In House Season Ending Tournament EPHS Activity Center
Feb 17 - Feb 19, 2017 Fri-Sun Grades 9-12 In House Season Ending Tournament EPHS Activity Center
Feb 25 - Feb 26, 2017 Sat/Sun Grades 4-5 In House Season Ending Tournament CMS
Feb 24 - Feb 26, 2017 Fri-Sun Grades 6-8 Southwest Season Ending Tournament EPHS Activity Center
Jan 15 - Jun 10, 2017 Mon-Wed Grades K-9 Summer Camps On-line Registration on-line
Jun 26-30, 2017 Mon-Fri Grades K-9 Summer Camps EPHS Activity Center
Jul 26, 2017 Mon  ALL EPBBA Annual Golf Fundraier Bear Path Golf & Country Club

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